Das tägliche Brot für alle

Untertitel:Welternährung als Gerechtigkeitsfrage der Gegenwart
Autoren:Gabriel, Ingeborg Gerda
Abstrakt:The following article gives an overview over the ethical aspects of the plea for our daily bread in Christianity’s main prayer. It starts with an overview overpicturing the signs of the times in a context shaped by globalization. Hunger is still a dire reality in today’s world where a growing world population competes for resources in the face of an ecological crisis. The second part then shows that these problems can be overcome a) through development efforts that give support to the one half of the world’s population (3,8 billions) that are small scale farmers; b) by ending subsidies to food production in highly developed countries; c) by reducing the production of “green fuel” from edible plants and put land grabbing under an international regime. These measures are in line with the demands of Laudato si’, the eco-encyclical of Pope Francis (2015).
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Journaltitel:Communio. Internationale Katholische Zeitschrift
Peer reviewed:true