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Professor P. Andreas Bsteh SVD on his 85th birthday

The Christian Muslim Dialogue
An Intellectual Adventure

On this homepage we present to you (with the friendly permission of the authors) the digital version a series of books on interreligious dialogue that constitute a pioneering intellectual effort. They reflect in a rather broad way on the interrelationship of the major world religions, particularly Christianity and Islam. In a globalized highly interdependent world it becomes more and more important to reflect on their commonalities and differences in an academic way. The publications presented here were the outcome of a number of conferences conducted from the 1970’s to 2008 in various settings and with various themes of mutual interest, whereby the ethical dimension in the course of time has become more and more important. Most of these books were originally published in German. They have then been translated into English as well as into Arabic, Urdu and some of them Farsi which make them accessible for a wider public worldwide in many country.

Our thanks go first of all to Professor Andreas Bsteh SVD the initiator and organizer of these interreligious dialogues who edited these volumes with untiring work and incredible sensitivity (some of them together with Professor Tahir Mahmood, New Delhi). Our particular gratitude is also to be extended to Professor Adel Th. Khoury, emeritus of Religious Studies in Münster (Germany), who was prominent in giving intellectual guidance to this Vienna dialogue process and accompanied and organized the Arab translations, as well to all those academics from many countries who contributed their articles to the different volumes of whom many have been engaged in interreligious dialogue in their countries and worldwide and thus worked for peaceful relations between different religions. Since we also learned in the course of these encounters and publications how important good translations are our special thanks also go to the interpreters, who through their work contributed greatly to make the intellectual efforts accessible to a many readers in their respective mother tongues.  May these works be an inspiration for many others to continue on this path of mutual understanding between the different religions with their great intellectual and spiritual treasures to overcome actual and potential divisions.

January 6, 2019                                                                    
Professor Ingeborg Gabriel



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