Christian Social Ethics I

It is possible only in exceptional cases to take an oral exam in English.
Obligatory therefor: consultation with Prof. Dr. Ingeborg Gabriel in advance!

  • For an oral exam in English please prepare with this Reading List.

  • You also heave to read 3-4 out of these articles:

- Ingeborg Gabriel: Fascinated with Domination: The Dark Side of Modernity, Its Ecological Consequences and How to Deal with Them Ethically and Spiritually

- Ingeborg Gabriel: Christianity in an Age of Uncertainty: A Catholic Perspective, in: Peter L. Berger, Between Relativism and Fundamentalism. Religious Resources for a Middle Position, 2010, 124-151.

- Ingeborg Gabriel: Freedom of Religion, in: Manfred Nowak / Karolina M. Januszewski / Tina Hofstätter, All Human Rights for All. Vienna Manual on Human Rights, 2012, 292-395.

- Ingeborg Gabriel: Giving Meaning to Work: The Spiritual Challenge of Our Time, in: Bartholomew C. Okonkwo, Finding Meaning in Business.

- Ingeborg Gabriel: Explorations and responses. Where difference matters: Social ethics in the contemporary world, in: Journal of Ecumenical Studies, 48:1, Winter 2013.

- Ingeborg Gabriel: Religious Pluralism, Freedom of Religion, and Responsibilities of State, Society and Religious Communities, in: Stefan Hammer / Fatimah Husein, Religious Pluralism and Religious Freedom. Religions, Society and the State in Dialogue. Contributions to the Austrian-Indonesian Dialogue, 213-219.

For copies of the articles please contact our secretary Beate Anger!